Frequently Asked Questions

What is OncoPeer?

OncoPeer is an online oncology community where you can publish knowledge, share data, exchange techniques, and discuss best practices while broadening your network.

Who is the community for?

OncoPeer is available only for Varian customers and is a not an open community.

How do I login/register?

OncoPeer is currently only open to all Varian customers. You can authenticate/login into the community using your existing MyVarian account name and password. If you do not have a MyVarian account, you can sign up as a new user on OncoPeer and upon approval, you will be able to login to both MyVarian and OncoPeer.

How is OncoPeer useful to me?

You can remain updated on the latest advancements and current trends in oncology and connect with more peers than has been possible in the past. By starting discussion topics, joining and creating groups, sharing data, you can contribute to optimizing the way oncology-related content is distributed throughout the community.

What is Varian’s role in OncoPeer?

Although the community is hosted by Varian, it is intended to contain primarily user generated content. Varian will play a limited role in the community to enforce the Terms Of Use and Privacy Statement.

What kind of content should be on OncoPeer?

The content should be oncology related and remain non-promotional, but the rest is left first and foremost to the users. There is the ability to share knowledge files, generate discussions, create events, and more.

What types of data can be shared through OncoPeer?

You can share files such as documents, Rapid Plan™ DVH estimations, Aria® Care Path Templates, or pdfs, as long as there is no protected health information or patient identifying information in the file and it complies with the community Terms Of Use.

How do I know that OncoPeer is a secure forum and my contributions to a private groups are safe?

OncoPeer is built on a robust industry grade customer relationship management (CRM) platform managed by Salesforce. The Salesforce environment maintains some of the highest security standards in the industry such as utilizing secure transmissions via TLS cryptographic protocols, global step-up certificates, ensuring users have a secure connection from their browsers to the service, and firewall network protection measures. This platform is relied upon by many other Fortune 500 companies to keep customer data safe. For further information about your security within OncoPeer please refer to Salesforce, and our Terms Of Use and Privacy Statement.

Is it ok to discuss patient cases on OncoPeer?

It is ok to discuss clinical matters, but protected health information and patient identifying information must not be part of any discussion. All of the data posted on OncoPeer must be anonymized prior to posting.

How long will data remain available for people to view on OncoPeer?

Our current intent is that data will remain available for people to view indefinitely.

What internet requirements are necessary for running OncoPeer?

Please use the latest browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
For Internet Explorer the minimum version required is IE9.

How do I access Developer Cloud?

Developer Cloud is a community created for Varian developers. Most Varian developers have been added to the Dev Cloud based on the following criteria, participation in a Developer Workshop, registered usage of any of our Research Tool, or possession of a Research Collaborations contract. You can request access to participate in the Developer Cloud by writing to us at oncopeer@varian.com, and explaining the nature of you project to us.

Why am I sent to MyVarian when I request an OncoPeer account?

Varian Medical Systems utilizes a third party single sign on (SSO) solution to verify, streamline, and secure user accounts. To sign up for a Varian ID users need to create a MyVarian account. The same username and password used to create your MyVarian account will give you access to OncoPeer.

Can I talk about product complaints and related product issues on OncoPeer?

We encourage you to follow the formal Varian Complaint process.

Are there Community Standards?

Yes! Community standards consist of these FAQs and the relevant portions of the terms and conditions about appropriate behavior on OncoPeer. To read more about how to use best this forum you can visit our Term of Use and the Privacy Statement. Your network values your thoughtful contribution; please keep the Community Standards in mind as you interact with other users.

Varian reserves the right to modify these FAQs without notice.

  • Do use OncoPeer to share insightful knowledge, information and data.
  • Do use OncoPeer to expand your oncology social network.
  • Do use OncoPeer to start discussions and collaborate with peers.
  • Don’t use OncoPeer to as way to promote personal or Varian related products or material.
  • Don’t use OncoPeer to discuss non-oncology related topics.
  • Don’t upload or discuss any protected health information and patient identifying information on the community.