Eclipse Scripting API: A Guide for Beginners

Lane Hayes, PhD
Cone Health (Greensboro, NC)
Apr 06, 2017
52 minutes
Join us as Physicist Lane Hayes from Cone Health shares how he got up and running with scripting.  With no programming background and as of a year ago, no experience with scripting, Lane will discuss how he took the scripting basics provided by Varian and used it for specific things to improve clinic workflow. He'll share tips and tricks he learned for getting started with scripting.  

Who Should Attend 
Radiation oncology professionals interested in improving their understanding of: 
  • How to get started with scripting and how to overcome the initial barriers
  • Potential for using scripting for repetitive tasks that slow down work flow
  • Importance of knowing clinic configurations before getting started
  • How to construct a simple scripting project

View a PDF of the Q&A asked during the webinar.