Integrating Navigation, Markers, and Advanced Imaging for Lung SBRT - Best Practices from a Community Cancer Center

Killol Patel, MD, David Dubin, MD and Michael Speiser, PhD
Englewood Hospital & Medical Center (Englewood, NJ)
Nov 14, 2017
45 min
Join us as Pulmonologist, Killol Patel, MD, shares the navigation and marker implantation process using the Medtronic superDimension System. Learn how implanting markers at target sites may provide improved tumor localization.  Radiation Oncologist, David Dubin, MD, and Medical Physicist Michael Speiser, PhD, will address how working with their Pulmonologist can potentially improve patient care.  They will walk through their clinical process using advanced imaging techniques for improving targeting accuracy and confidence. 

Who Should Attend
Those who are part of a multi-disciplinary lung cancer team interested in improving their understanding of:
  • Why collaborating with a bronchoscopist is important and has potential for improved patient care
  • Why implanting at target site may provide improved tumor localization
  • How to navigate to target site and implant fiducials
  • Potential for improved confidence when triggered imaging is used to provide visual feedback of targeting accuracy
  • Clinical process of triggered imaging

View a PDF of the Q&A asked during the webinar.