Dose/Volume Objective Reporting with Clinical Protocols, Scripting and More...

Sean Hames
Varian Medical Systems
Sep 14, 2018
21 minutes

Join Varian Clinical Applications Specialist, Sean Hames, as he shares when and how to use each of his favorite features in Eclipse™ treatment planning system and when.

  • As a standard feature, the Eclipse Clinical Protocols in v15.5 are a hidden gem. They can be configured to reveal dose volume objectives in external beam planning, and in Photon Optimization and Trade-off Exploration workspaces. Learn how to use the Plan Objectives from Clinical Protocols to your advantage!
  • Eclipse scripting can also be used to evaluate dose volume objectives for both individual and summed plans. Learn from Sean some simple tips for when each of these tools can be valuable.
  • An overview of scripting and the various types of scripting that can be used for analysis of DVH metrics will also be covered.

For your viewing pleasure, we suggest listening from a computer where you can adjust the volume.

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