Starting Up Your Radiosurgery Program with HyperArc

Grace Kim, PhD
University of California - San Diego (LaJolla, CA)
Oct 17, 2018
35 minutes

Join us as Dr. Grace Kim from University of California - San Diego (UCSD) discusses HyperArc™ high-definition radiotherapy. UCSD incorporated HyperArc into their radiosurgery program this past year. Learn how your clinic can too. This webinar is ideal for sites that have acquired HyperArc but not yet implemented it, as well as those considering the technology.

Who Should Attend:

Radiation oncology professionals interested in improving their understanding of:

  • How to seamlessly implement planning and delivery for starting up a radiosurgery program
  • How HyperArc can increase efficiency implementing a radiosurgery program
  • How Eclipse™ treatment planning system works behind the scenes to simplify radiosurgery planning and make it more efficient

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For your viewing pleasure, we suggest listening from a computer where you can adjust the volume.