Getting Serious about Scripting: Digging Into DVH

Rex Cardan
University of Alabama - Birmingham (Alabama)
Nov 14, 2018
48 minutes
Join us as Medical Physicist Rex Cardan shares some of the scripting implemented at the University of Alabama - Birmingham.  Rex will provide an overview of basic ESAPI functions, the easy way to do advanced querying, and extracting DVH data  with ESAPI.
The webinar objectives include:
   - Understand how to use the default basic functions available in ESAPI
   - Identify the elements of the Mayo DVH query format and how to use it with ESAPIX
   - Recognize how to add ESAPIX functions to ESAPI with NuGet
   - In ESAPIX, learn about DVH constraints, advanced DVH features of ESAPIX, and how to mine data into a CSV file
   - Learn how to plot a DVH curve
This webinar is ideal for radiation oncology professionals with an interest in and some experience with scripting. 
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For your viewing pleasure, we suggest listening from a computer where you can adjust the volume.

To view a PDF of the Q&A asked during the webinar, click here