Clinical and Quality Assurance for RapidArc: The Brazilian Experience at Grupo COI (in Brazilian Portuguese)

Lilian Faroni and Guilherme Pavan
Grupo COI
May 12, 2016
47 minutes
Join us as Radiation Oncologist Lilian Faroni and Medical Physicist Guilherme Pavan from Grupo COI discuss their approach for cancer treatment with RapidArc® radiotherapy technology. During their presentation, they will demonstrate how to use RapidArc to achieve high quality plan while attaining high conformity and low dose to normal structures. Dr Faroni will present the clinical benefit of using RapidArc.  Guilherme will demonstrate the use of Eclipse™ treatment planning system and discuss machine QA procedures.  This event will be presented in Brazilian Portuguese.
Who Should Attend
Radiation oncology professionals interested in improving their
understanding of:    
•  Eclipse™ treatment planning system with RapidArc® radiotherapy technology.
•  RapidArc® radiotherapy technology.
•  QA procedures for RapidArc® radiotherapy technology.