The Varian Webinar program consists of live online presentations delivered by Varian customers on various topics. Given the webinars are delivered once, they have been recorded and posted on MyVarian for your convenience.

Note: You do not need a MyVarian account to view webinars. To view a webinar, click on a webinar title and register now.

Live Webinars
Speaker & Institution
November 17, 2020 Varian Peer Review Solutions: How to Improve Clinician Collaboration Inside or Outside your Clinic
Juliana Simoes and Helen Phillips
October 20, 2020 Treating Large Patients on Halycon
Dom Withers, MSc, MIPEM, Csci
Queen’s Hospital
October 14, 2020 Velocity Adaptive Monitoring: What, Why, and How
Sean Kim
October 13, 2020 HyperArc as a Game Changer: An Early Adopter’s Experience Transitioning to Varian’s Multi-Met Single Isocenter SRS Delivery Solution
Christopher Bowen, MS, DABR
Mosaic Life Care Cancer Center
October 08, 2020 GATK webinar: Hypofractionation for Prostate Cancer-The Present
Pat Kupelian + others
September 30, 2020 Halcyon in the Treatment of Pediatric Cancerous Tumors
Samir Mouatassim, PhD
Centre d’Oncologie Nakhil
Webinars On-Demand
Speaker & Institution
September 23, 2020 Discover How Institute Verbeeten, the Netherlands, Implemented IDENTIFY’s Surface Tracking Technology for DIBH Treatments
Mariska de Smet, PhD
Verbeeten Institute
September 22, 2020 Implementing Adaptive Intelligence - A Panel Discussion on Ethos Therapy Across the Clinic
Yves Archambault - moderator + presenters
September 18, 2020 InSightive: Diving into Director Dashboards
Mary-Kate Cellmer, MBA
St. Luke’s University Health Network
September 17, 2020 GATK webinar: Overview & Updates on Treating Cervical Cancer with Radiotherapy (Part 2)
Patrick Kupelian + others
September 14, 2020 Automated Decision Support Between Photon and Proton Treatment: Using Scripting in Combination with RapidPlan/RapidPlanPT
Roni Hytonen | Wilko Verbakel - PhD, PDEng
Varian | Amsterdam UMC
September 10, 2020 Velocity Structure Deformation: What, Why and How
Sean Kim
September 09, 2020 ARIA OIS and the 2020 Quality Payment Program
JR Munini, Kevin Jordan and Kristin Corey
September 01, 2020 The Future is Bright for Brachytherapy, and Bright for Bravos!
Sophie Wetherall
August 27, 2020 GATK webinar: Overview & Updates on Treating Cervical Cancer with Radiotherapy
Patrick Kupelian + others
August 26, 2020 Introducing Radiosurgery at Herlev Hospital and Understanding the Optimization Capabilities in HyperArc
Lucie Calmels, PhD
Herlev Hospital
August 20, 2020 Implementing Clinical Constraints Export from ARIA Dynamic Document using ESAPI
Ryan Scheuermann and Brandon Koger
University of Pennsylvania
August 19, 2020 Scripting, RapidPlan, and MCO Utilization: The NYU Langone Experience
Peter Milien and Alex Ng
NYU Langone Health
August 17, 2020 M3i: Leveraging Treatment Imaging to Improve Quality of Care
Mike Epright
Varian Medical Systems
August 13, 2020 Radioterapia Hipofraccionada en cáncer de recto. Clinica IRAM
Sebastian Sole, MD and Hans Rivas, CMD
Clínica IRAM, Chile
August 13, 2020 Varian IDENTIFY: Clinical Overview and Over 3 Years of Workflow and Patient Safety Experience
Bill Salter, Ph.D. DABR FAAPM
University of Utah
August 12, 2020 The Failures and Needs of IMRT QA
Stephen F. Kry, PhD DABR CMQ FAAPM
The University of Texas – MD Anderson Cancer Center
August 11, 2020 Getting Started with Ethos Online Adaptive Radiotherapy at MST Enschede, The Netherlands
Dennis Daal, Liselotte ten Asbroek-Zwolsman and Lisanne Zwart
Medish Spectrum Twente
August 06, 2020 Radioterapia parcial de mama. Clinica IRAM
Claudio Sole, MD and Alejandro Cuadra, MSc
Clínica IRAM, Chile
August 06, 2020 Speed Up your Planning Process with BrachyVision v16.1
Rebecca Park
Varian Medical Systems
August 03, 2020 GATK webinar: Advanced cases Head & Neck Radiation Treatment
Patrick Kupelian - moderator + presenters
Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation