About MyVarian

The MyVarianSM customer support community was launched in October 2007 with a vision of providing all Varian Medical Systems customers with an online tool they could rely on to gain valuable information about their Varian equipment.

Today, over 15,000 members visit MyVarian several times a month to access product information, register for a webinar, submit product improvements and contact the Varian Help Desk as needed. In addition, this website continues to evolve based on user feedback. Let us know how we can better serve you by contacting us and telling us what else you would like to see made available through MyVarian.

Our mission:

Varian Medical Systems is focusing energy on saving lives and MyVarian is dedicated to helping you, the clinicians, do the same by providing you with a repository of information and a direct communication tool that enables you to provide quality patient care and do so with confidence.


  • Provide high quality customer support
  • Increase product capability awareness